MEET Video Door Entry System

IP Technology

The FERMAX MEET system is a 100% IP technology based on a Point-to-Point infrastructure, highly efficient, flexible and adaptable.

The devices communicate directly, so MEET does not require central units or servers which could compromise the availability of the system in the event of an unforeseen error.

MEET allows the installer to freely assign the range of IP addresses according to the needs of each project, and thus facilitate the control of the networks. MEET offers HD video quality and digital audio which ensures high quality communication.


The system is made up of digital panels, one-button panels, touch monitors, central guard units and various accessories.

To guarantee the security of the community, MEET offers a secure system that allows the integration of access control, CCTV and alarm functions.



High-quality digital audio and video

Simultaneous communication.It is possible to have as many 2-way simultaneous audio
communications as indoor terminals installed

Call Divert via MEET ME app.

The possibility of receiving calls on your mobile
phone comes as standard. You just need to have
a monitor installed in the property. Download
the free application and connect up to 8
smartphones from the same apartment.


Access control
Face recognition
Lift control
Opening of multiple doors
SOS emergency call
Reception and alarm log


Home Automation management
Activation of automatic mechanisms from the monitor
Third-party access control
(Compatible with Wiegand)