NEO Monitor

Simple and intuitive functioning 

monitor ip neo meet Fermax

NEO monitor is a symbol of urban and modern residences, represented by its simple design.

Attractive, elegant and intuitive, NEO is the perfect complement for the most technological homes.

An advanced management monitor IP, with hands-free communication, digital audio quality and high-definition video.

It incorporates a capacitive touch screen that offers an intuitive user experience, thanks to its graphic icons and LED notification indicators (missed calls, messages, do not disturb).

Available in 7 inches.

NEO is not only distinguished by its outer elegant simplicity, but also by the most user-friendly menu oriented to residential communication.


• It enables the intercommunication between the monitors in the same house as well as with other apartments.

• The monitor manages 7 alarm zones that can be activated or deactivated according to 3 scenarios: DAY, NIGHT and OUT. Alarms are notified to the Guard Unit and management software.

• It is possible to activate up to 8 external relays by using the relay module ref.1616.

• Up to 8 CCTV IP cameras visualization.

• PoE Power Supply.


The owner will be able to access home safely. By using the proximity card, the lift control system will enable access to the floor of the apartment.

The visitor will be able to enter into to the lift on the ground floor, and access only the resident’s floor by simply opening the door when a call is received.

An interesting formula to improve safety in large residential projects.