KIN Panel

The most interactive touch screen panel

KIN is the most interactive video door entry panel, allowing the visitor to interact in a simple way with its user interface. It has a 10” capacitive touch screen, a graphite grey finish at the forefront of design, hidden screws and a hidden speaker, with side grille.

This innovative IP outdoor panel provides high quality audio and video, as well as multiple options such as alphanumeric calls or calls to several guard units and advanced security features.

In addition to offering great security features with the MIFARE proximity reader, the KIN panel supports integration of third-party readers such as HID.

It is also possible to access the building through the keypad, using PIN codes, without carrying any type of identifier.

Moreover, now it is possible to open the door using the KIN face recognition system, allowing residents to access the condominium building quickly, and providing greater security and comfort to the system.


Home selection is easy: simply access the electronic directory to quickly search for the apartment you want to call.


Its user interface is dynamically adapted to the user’s needs  thanks to the capacitive touch screen of the KIN panel, which incorporates a high resolution display (1024×600).


The camera has a high-definition image, and is equipped with LED lighting for low light conditions. It is possible to send video stream directly from the panel to an IP CCTV security NVR using RTSP stream.


Thanks to its display it is possible to call through alphanumeric codes from A to H, such as 7B or 121F.